It’s a holiday week but I’m still passing along some #MondayMotivation with this quote from late businessman Wayne Huizenga.

It’s easy and fun to dream, if I’m honest. Shoot, goals and plans first begin with a dream. It’s good to think of all of the possibilities of what can happen in your life. However, dreaming is not enough.

It’s cliche but I think we all need to hear that again, especially as we approach the season of New Year resolutions. With a new decade quickly approaching, people are even more committed to the “New Year, New Me” movement. However, a new you isn’t going to happen just because you think about it a lot or even put in some good work for a few weeks. Nah, it’s going to take discipline and consistency over time in order to get to where you want to be. It’s going to mean not quitting and pushing through when things get hard and you don’t see the results you want. I’m preaching to myself right now, really, but I’m sure y’all can relate.

Let’s commit to dreaming big and putting in the work in 2020 and beyond!

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