Inspirational Jam: “Stand Tall”-VOILÀ ft. Ava Michelle

“Stand tall for a lifetime…you got more, you got more to give. Let all of your light shine and you’ll rise up over it…”

This Inspirational Jam from pop duo VOILÀ featuring Ava Michelle is one that pushes us all to recognize the beauty and talents that we have.

“Stand Tall” was featured on the Netflix original movie Tall Girl which Ava and Luke Eisner (half of the duo VOILÀ) starred in. The movie, a typical high school rom-com with an inspirational twist, was alright. I truly loved this song, though.

The track is all about loving yourself, letting your light shine and giving your all, even if you come across some negativity along the way. Inevitably, you will but when you know who you are and are confident in that, it won’t matter what people think or say. You stand tall anyway! I hope this encourages someone struggling to love themselves as they are.

Watch the official lyric video below!

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