Words of Wisdom: “Stop Watching Other People Live Their Dreams”-Trent Shelton

Hoping that this Words of Wisdom video from motivational speaker Trent Shelton encourages someone to step up their game. Shoot, it’s inspiring me right now!

In this clip, Trent encourages those of us who are too busy watching other people live out their dreams to go after our own. Sure, it’s nice to be inspired by others in your life and by this site, but what are you going to do with that inspiration? Are you just going to be on the sidelines forever or are you going to get in the game? Are you going to get to work or just be stagnant? “You can be the person who watches other people or you can be the person that other people are watching,” Trent states.

This really used to be me, y’all. I would watch people grow and get so discouraged that I wasn’t where they were. However, if I’m honest, I wasn’t putting in the work I needed to on my end to get to where I wanted to be. So I got in the game instead of just watching from the sidelines. Now, I’m happy for others and their growth when I see their achievements on social media. However, I’m honestly too busy to be heavily focused on what other people have going on. Where do you stand right now?

Watch Trent speak on this topic below!


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