I want to kick off this month with a Monday Motivation quote from Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer. As we wrap up 2019 (and this decade!!!), I hope and pray that you are thinking about and working on your goals for your life as we hit 2020 running!

This quote reminds me that we all have a responsibility to take charge of the direction of our lives, especially if we’re unhappy about how things are going. A few years ago, I was pretty unhappy with how my life was going on every level, especially when it came to home and work. So much so, that I became very bitter and complained all the time instead of actually doing something about it! When I finally realized how problematic and unhelpful that was, I changed up my attitude and got to work on the changes I needed to make for myself. That’s when my life got better.

So I give you this quote today to encourage anyone going through the same thing. As we head for 2020, make up in your mind that you will do what you need to do to change things around for yourself. Don’t just complain about what’s wrong. Do something about it! I believe in you!

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