Inspirational Jam: “Before The Dawn”-Tori Kelly

Tori kelly

The finest silk can still be torn and it’s always darkest right before the dawn…

A mellow Inspirational Jam for y’all today but I hope it is a source of encouragement for someone.

I love me some Tori Kelly and this song on her latest album, Inspired By True Events, is a great one. “Before The Dawn” is a song of support to those who may be feeling alone in the midst of dark times.

I really can’t say that I know what each of you specifically is going through. What I do know is that we all have our rough moments, and it’s okay to not be okay for a minute. However, I don’t want any of us to wallow for too long. Reach out to people you trust as support or professional individuals if you need it. You can even reach out to me if you just need a listening ear. But please know, there’s calm after the storm. I pray that this song encourages you to lift your head even in the middle of tough times.

Take a listen to the emotional song below.

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