Inspirational Jam: “Better When I’m Dancin'”-Meghan Trainor

I like a lot of Meghan Trainor‘s music because it’s empowering and positive. I heard this Inspirational Jam from her a while back in a Zumba class and absolutely loved it. Figured it might cheer somebody up today!

“Better When I’m Dancin'” was featured on The Peanuts Movie soundtrack and the gist of it is right in the title. Dancing always puts me in a better mood, whether I’m teaching at Zumba or dancing around in my living room. It allows me to forget about my problems for a minute or an hour, whatever, and just have fun.

This is my mood today (which just happens to be one of the days this week I have Zumba). So I encourage you to take a moment when you get home to just dance it out real quick. Helps to keep the stress down a bit.

Watch the official video for “Better When I’m Dancin'” below!

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