Hoping that this Monday Motivation quote from the late Steve Jobs will motivate you this week and beyond.

Y’all know that I keep it real on this site. Every day is not great for me. Every day recently has not been great, if I’m honest. However, I have dreams that keep my eyes open. I care about what it is that I do and I want to be great. I have great visions for my life that keep me going, even on the days when I want to quit. I may take time time to rest and regroup, but I never really quit. I care too much.

I want the same for all of us. When you discover what it is you really want and care about what it is that you do, you’ll find it consistently pulls you. No one has to push you to get stuff done. But first, you have to discover that gift. If you don’t know what you want out of life, asking yourself these questions may help. Hoping that you have a great week!

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