It’s Monday! Ready for the start of a new week? I certainly am and I’m kicking it off with this Monday Motivation quote from author Neviesh Perry.

This weekend, I was sort of beating myself up over a past failure of mine. With this quote, I was reminded that my mistakes and trials are still stepping stones to help me in the future. Sure, it’s easy to wallow in the past, and sometimes I do need to for my sanity, but I don’t stay there. I see now that not only can I learn from my past, but others can too. That’s part of what this site is.

I know people who have come to share their life lessons with others through poetry, writing, YouTube videos, and podcasts. I know others who have simply shared their testimonies in passing to others, admitting their struggles and how they’ve overcome them. At the time, our failures and losses seem insurmountable, but they are. You will overcome and, hopefully, do better in the future. Sharing your story too can help others do the same.

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