Words of Wisdom: “It’s Not Over Until You Win”-Les Brown

I love this Words of Wisdom clip from I hope it encourages y’all today.

In this older clip, Les recalled playing games of Connect Four with his son John-Leslie. Les beat his son for 10 straight games and finally called it quits, ready to go to bed. However, John-Leslie refused to let him until he finally won a game. Finally, John-Leslie beat his father in a game and was happy to go to sleep. He had the persistence and perseverance necessary to finally win.

No matter how big the dreams or how much work is put in, we all go through periods of loss, rejection, and setbacks. But are you willing to keep pushing forward when it gets rough? Are you willing to keep working on your goals even when it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever get there?

This is the attitude that I have. I don’t care how many challenges I face, setbacks and rejections that come up, and people who don’t support. I’m pressing on. I refuse to give up on myself and my goals. I’ve already achieved some great things and I’m working towards even more, no matter how hard it gets. How about you?

Watch Les’ inspiring video below!


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