Words of Wisdom: “Take Off”-Lenell “Crab Boss” Watson

Lenell Crab Boss Watson

I’ve been sitting with these Words of Wisdom from restaurant owner, Lenell Watson, for a minute. I’m from Maryland and, like most people from the area, I love crabs and seafood. If you ever happen to drive through Brandywine, MD, definitely pull up Lenell’s restaurant, Crab Boss. But I digress.

This clip Lenell posted some weeks back really resonated with me. He compared your life to a jet. A jet slowly cranks up before takeoff, but, once it’s in the air, it’s going incredibly fast. But there has to be some work done to get it up there before it can really take off.

Taking off means going hard and going as high as you possibly can in every aspect of your life to get to higher heights. That means doing what a lot of people won’t and going above and beyond. That means sometimes starting early and staying late. That means powering through even when you want to relax because the purpose is greater than your feelings. If you want something different, then that means you have do something different. So take off!

Watch Lenell’s powerful Words of Wisdom below…


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