Inspirational Jam: “Get Through This Again”-Janine

“We don’t need to pretend…I know it’s bad right now and it’s gonna hurt. Gonna get through this again…”

This mellow song from one of my favorite singers, Janine, is an uplifting Inspirational Jam for us all this morning.

On “Get Through This Again,” Janine sings about her own battles to push through each day as she’s navigating life and her career. It’s certainly not easy but she is still motivated to keep going. She wants the same for those listening. “Hold on, this too will end,” she encourages herself and others.

Just because I run an inspirational site doesn’t mean that I don’t go through things. Shoot, I’m going through it right now! When I was younger, I used to pretend that my life was all peaches and cream when it really wasn’t. Life gets rough for EVERYBODY. Unexpected situations throw us all for a loop. We battle tough circumstances at work, at home, etc. on a daily basis. Pretending it’s not happening doesn’t make it all go away.

However, I offer this song as one to encourage someone going through a rough patch right now as I encourage myself. As corny and played out as it is, from time to time, we each have to take life one day…one hour…or even one minute at a time.

Take a listen to the song below!

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