Words of Wisdom: “Never Despise Small Beginnings”-Tyler Perry

I hope that these Words of Wisdom from Tyler Perry encourage someone struggling with a humble start towards goals.

In this clip, Tyler shared an experience he had with a friend of his. The friend had been doing some work with Tyler and was inspired to start his own business. However, the guy told Tyler that the business was nothing impressive yet and there was still work to be done. The friend was also a little frustrated because nobody seemed to notice him or his work. “Never despise small beginnings,” Tyler advised his friend. There are things that can happen out of the smallest start that can change the world.”

I’ve felt like that in the past. I have felt frustrated plenty of times, feeling like nobody was noticing my content or seeing the value that I possessed as a writer. I was frustrated that I seemed to be on a “smaller level” than other writers or influencers that I saw on social media. However, I’ve gotten over that. One, God has continuously blessed me with new opportunities and my pockets are forever expanding LOL but also, I’m doing what I love and helping other people.

Not only am I finding that you can still be very impactful even at a smaller level and grow “underground,” but I also learned that not every opportunity is for you. In all of this, it’s been important to stay the course and learn so that, when bigger opportunities come, I’m ready. The same goes for all of you. It’s okay to start small as long as you start. A lot of times, it’s better that way.

Watch Tyler’s Words of Wisdom below!

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