Words of Wisdom: “Expect to Fail”-Sylvester Stallone

This Words of Wisdom clip from writer, director, and actor Sylvester Stallone may seem a little…negative, but I promise there’s a great point to it.

In the clip, the famed actor talks about his experience in becoming a screenwriter before he came up with the idea for Rocky. He admitted that his writing was horrible when he first started but he kept working at it every day. It was like being in the gym and losing weight and building muscle. He had to work at it every day to get stronger, even when he failed at it. Ultimately, his failures helped him to grow as a writer and taught him perseverance.

No matter what we do or get into, we can expect some moments of failure. It sucks but its inevitable. What matters most is our attitude about it. Are we going to get unnerved and give up or are we going to learn from our mistakes and keep pushing forward? The choice is always up to each of us.

Take a listen to Sylvester’s words below.


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