Monday Motivation

This #MondayMotivation quote from author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. really rings true for me where I am right now. I hope that it encourages you to step out on faith when it comes to reaching your goals. 

This year has been a year of finally doing what I know I was supposed to be doing a while ago. I was nervous that things wouldn’t work out and just didn’t try. The moment that I started really putting forth effort and taking some risks, doors opened that I didn’t think ever would. 

Taking risks is scary because you never quite know how things are going to turn out. When you go out on a limb, that branch can break from under you and leave you falling flat on your face. It’s happened to me before. However, if you never try anything new, if you never step out of what you know, then you’ll always be in the same place. You’ll stay getting the same results instead of achieving more. I encourage y’all, as I encourage myself, to take chances on yourself. Scary as it is, take a step out on that limb. It really is where the fruit is.

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