This is an honest #MondayMotivation quote for us all today from entrepreneur and business coach Brad Sugars. Hope it resonates with someone out there.

I love motivational videos. Eric Thomas, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Lisa Nichols are a few of my favorite speakers. I could watch their videos for hours (and have!). They’re so inspiring. However, just being inspired isn’t enough. After a while, I realized that it felt good at that moment to be motivated by someone else, but that I had to actually use that motivation to get to work on my own stuff. I couldn’t just keep watching them without actually doing something myself or I would be stuck in the same spot.

I know this is some quote coming from someone who runs an inspirational lifestyle website, but it’s true. I truly do hope and pray that I am a light in people’s lives with my words and actions. However, there’s only so many stories and videos you can watch to inspire and motivate you. It’s finally getting to the work that’s going to take you to the next level. As we kick off this week, I hope that you’re driven to action instead of just passively watching or reading.

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