Words of Wisdom: “There’s No Win in the Quick Route”-Kevin Hart

This Words of Wisdom video from Kevin Hart is a reminder that there are no quick paths to accomplishing your goals.

In this clip, Kevin shares a funny but true story about how desperate times in community college almost led him to be a stripper for money. He was about to go all-in until someone checked him like “What in the world are you doing?! Nah, you ain’t about to do that. Just go out there and take your lumps.”

I’m not trying to glorify struggling but, often than not, it’s a part of the process. When you’re on your way to reaching any goal in your life, you’re going to face some rough times. We sometimes want a quick fix or an easy solution to our problems or think of a get-rich-quick scheme to bring some money in. Some of which may work for the time being but, sooner or later, they fade away. There are necessary lessons that come with the struggle. Strength and perseverance come with the struggle. A better work ethic and drive come with the struggle. It’s okay to get your hands dirty and have to put in the grind for what you want. In the end, it makes getting there even more satisfying.

Watch Kevin’s Words of Wisdom below!

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