This quote by blogger and artist Meg Biram is one that I’m going into the rest of 2019 with, especially when it comes to my fitness. I hope that this #MondayMotivation quote inspires you this week and beyond.

We’re going into August this week and I realize that I’m almost in the same place physically as I was when I started this year. I had to be real with myself that, no matter how many times I work out in a week, if my eating was off then it wouldn’t matter. Even one big “cheat meal” could throw things off. So I’ve had to get more disciplined with what I’ve been doing. No more cheat meals over here. And a lot of greens. Repeating the same patterns wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Changing to new ones will.

The same goes for any goal that you expect to reach. If you’ve noticed that what you’re doing isn’t working, then you have to update your process. If you don’t make drastic changes to your habits and your work process, you can’t expect to see drastic changes in your results. 

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