Inspirational Jam: “Blessed”-Jill Scott

“Woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death…went to sleep stressed woke up refreshed…”

Had this song by Jill Scott on my mind for a while. It’s been a busy time lately and I’ve been exhausted. However, this Inspirational Jam is a reminder of all of the great blessings in her life.

On “Blessed,” Jill sings about the joy of having her son and still having her parents around. Even with the stresses that inevitably come in life, she has peace of mind. Not everyone does, so that is yet another thing to be happy about. The song really is just a reminder that, in spite of all the things that may go wrong, there are so many more things that are right. No matter how hectic life gets, there is so much to still be grateful for.

Watch the official video below.

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