Words of Wisdom: “Upgrade Your Friends”-Steve Harvey

steve harvey

I felt this Words of Wisdom clip from Steve Harvey way down in my spirit. I hope it gives any of y’all the confirmation you need about any so-called “friends.”

In this video, Steve reminds us that the word “friend” isn’t to be thrown around lightly. ANYBODY in your close circle ought to add to your life in some positive way. They ought to challenge you to be better and support you when you need it (and vice versa). Anyone who only provides laughs and the latest gossip is just an associate, for real. You need more than that when it comes to friends. That means upgrading some folks and downgrading some others.

Things change, and the people who you were once close to can become distant. The relationships that you once had can become stagnant. That doesn’t necessarily mean that things will never get back to how they were, but, in the meantime, if the people you call friends aren’t adding, then it’s time you start subtracting. Or at least taking a few steps back.

Check out Steve’s Words of Wisdom below!

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