Inspirational Jam: “Get Loud For Me”-Gizzle

“Blood, sweat and tears, I conquered my fears…I’m ready to fly now. I am the pilot…”

I believe I first heard this track from rapper Gizzle on an episode of All-American on The CW. It’s definitely a track that will get you pumped up for the day or one that you can add to your workout playlist!

On “Get Loud For Me,” Gizzle rhymes about how he definitely is ready for whatever he has to deal with in life, especially with any opponents that he comes face to face with. He’s put in the time and hard work necessary to reach his goals and stand with any competition, and he’s ready to win.

That’s my attitude lately. I’m not afraid of what’s ahead for me because I know I’m prepared for whatever. I’ve come too far just to turn around now and that’s what this song is all about. I hope you find motivation in it today.

Take a listen to the track below!

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