Words of Wisdom: “Nobody Can Be You”-Nazanin Kavari

I need a regular reminder of these Words of Wisdom from influencer and YouTuber Nazanin Kavari before I start comparing myself to other people. I hope that this video uplifts you too.

In this clip, Nazanin shares a basic but necessary lesson. We all have something to offer this world as individuals, and there is nobody who can do what you do quite like you. We (yes, myself included) sometimes get caught up in the comparison game. We look at what other people are doing or working on and wish we could be like that. Look like that. Move like that. It’s a disease that can hold us back from where we’re meant to be. 

For me, there are plenty of writers and bloggers out here. There are many inspirational sites (some of which I read myself). However, there isn’t one that does things quite like how I do it. That doesn’t make me better. That makes me unique. We all are because we have our own voice, flair, and style of doing things. I believe too that the people that are meant to gravitate towards what you are doing always find their way over. So we shouldn’t see others as threats or get jealous over what others have going on. Focus on you and the great things you have to bring to the table. Be confident in yourself!

Watch this clip Nazanin below.


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