This #MondayMotivation quote is a strong reminder for me that, in everything, there has to be balance in life.

I talk about this with friends every now and then. For millennials especially, as we work to secure better futures for ourselves, we often sacrifice personal time with our significant others, with family, and with friends. We get caught up in the rat race, if you will, thinking that for every moment that we’re not working, that’s a moment that we’re falling behind. I used to believe that but now my mindset is changing. There has to be balance. If you are always working, you won’t really have enjoyable life experiences and memories, and it will also be hurtful to those who love you. And it’s good to turn up and have a good time with your friends, but if you’re never working towards bigger life goals, you’ll forever be wandering in life.

I want to make sure I’m working hard and smarter too, but I don’t want to ever get so focused on the grind that my life slowly but surely passes me by. I don’t want that for you all either. That means better time management and sacrifices where need be. That means putting in work during certain hours and then planning to make time for those you love later. It can be done. I’ve seen it and I’m doing it better at it. Let’s commit to that this week and beyond.

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