Inspirational Jam: “Letting Go”-Juliane

“Lost in the dark waiting for the morning but I’ma make it whether walk or crawling …”

I hope this Inspirational Jam from singer Juliane motivates those that are doubting themselves and their dreams right now.

Juliane’s song “Letting Go” is honest about the struggles and doubts we all have while pursuing our dreams. She goes through it. I go through it. We all do. However, her resilience truly shines through on this track. She’s refusing to let her dreams go just because the journey is rough. That’s hard because it can get really dark sometimes. You may want to quit, but, if you truly know that what you do is your life’s purpose, you literally can’t quit no matter how rough it gets. Something always draws you back in. So none of us are letting go today! I hope this song encourages you and, once you get your strength back, go encourage someone else!

Watch the lyric video for “Letting Go” below!

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