Analyst and communicator Mark Caine delivered a powerful #MondayMotivation quote that I hope resonates with you today.

In order to reach any new level in life, you have to first make up in your mind that you aren’t going to stay stuck where you are. That can be hard because being in an environment that is toxic or difficult to deal with can be draining. It can take away time and energy from you to where you feel like you can’t or don’t want to do anything else. You’re trying to do all you can to survive whether it’s at your job, with your family, or some other circumstance. It can be hard to see yourself anywhere else. With those emotions, it can be even harder to try to get up and try to escape. But man, when you do? It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

For me, it took a lot of self-reflection, prayer, moments of frustration and tears, but I came to the determination that I was no longer going to accept my previous job. I even gave myself a deadline to either find something else or walk away, but, either way, I was leaving. That determination and deadline forced me to go harder and make some moves. Now, I’m in a much better place, but it first started with me. Your environment won’t change until you decide to.

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