This #MondayMotivation quote from late motivational speaker Wayne Dyer reminded me of an important truth today. I hope it pushes you to be better too.

2016 was probably the worst year of my life. Right at the start, I lost my aunt (just 44 years old) who helped shaped my life. I had just lost my Nana nine months prior and I was even more heartbroken. I was fed up with my job at the time and was tired of being rejected from opportunity after opportunity to do something better with my life. For a while, I gave up. I became the most miserable person, dedicated to complaining and commiserating with others just as miserable as I was.

I realize now that it was my choice to be that way. I relished in “venting” my feelings with other people who got it, but it wasn’t helping me. I wasn’t moving forward. I stayed stuck right where I was because I was choosing to be negative. My thoughts affected my behavior which ultimately affected my results. So I took some time to regroup and get my mind straight, and then I motivated myself to make a change. Yes, I believe there are times to break down but you eventually have to get back up. We all can.

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