Inspirational Jam: “Dear God”-Smokie Norful

“For my life, Lord, I thank You
For every victory in You I’ve seen
And all the moments I know it was You who kept me
So I thank You for, for my life…”

Posting this great gospel song from Smokie Norful as today’s Inspirational Jam. I had heard “Dear God” before but someone posted the song as a tribute to late rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle a few months ago. I’ve been playing it pretty regularly ever since.

The gospel song is really a beautiful thank you letter to God for all that He’s done in Smokie’s life…for his life in general. When I heard it again at this stage in my life, it brought me to tears.

Watch Smokie sing the song below.

While I’m still working and praying for better, I’m so grateful for all that God has done for me and my family and friends. I look at our growth and accomplishments, how we persevered and overcame some pretty rough things, and I’m grateful because I know it wasn’t us on on our own. So today’s Inspirational Jam is more for me but I hope it touches someone else’s heart today.

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