Words of Wisdom: “Forgive and Let Things Go”-Gaur Gopal Das

I pray that these Words of Wisdom from lifestyle coach and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das help someone struggling with forgiveness.

In this clip, Gaur describes his relationship with his father and how they didn’t speak for two years due to a disagreement. One day, his father begged for them to speak again, and his mother asked the same. Simply because his mother asked, Gaur somewhat repaired the relationship, but he never really apologized for not speaking to his dad for so long.

Some years later, his father passed away, and Gaur tearfully apologized at his funeral. It was a reminder of how important forgiveness and apologies are to relationships so that there are no regrets. Gaur wished he had fully let things go instead of letting his ego ruin the experiences he could have had with his dad. He encouraged others to not follow his example in the clip below.

There is one person in my life that I thought of when I saw this video. I harbored such resentment and grudges towards that person until one day I said, “No more.” I quietly forgave that person for any wrongs that I felt were done to me and apologized for anything that I had done. I let go of my grudges and felt free. Now, I have a much better (though still imperfect) relationship with that person.

“You cannot take a chance to mess up the most amazing experiences of love just because something happened,” Gaur shared. Forgiveness when someone has hurt you and being able to apologize when you’ve done the hurting are two huge signs of personal growth. Forgiveness brings peace so that you are able to move on with your own life and possibly have better relationships with those around you. Easier said than done but I’ve slowly been working on it.

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