Inspirational Jam: “Read All About It, Pt. III”-Emeli Sandé

“Maybe we’re a little different…there’s no need to be ashamed. You’ve got the light to fight the shadows so stop hiding it away…”

This Inspirational Jam by Emeli Sandé is one of my favorites of all time. When I first heard it, I used to play it half of the day. “Read All About It, Pt III” is for those finding their voices and gifts as well as discovering the courage to actually use them. Watch Emeli perform this great track below!

This song expresses the fact that we all have something special to share with others if we tap into it. It might not be the gift of singing like Emeli, but we all have something that we’re great at. It’d be a shame not to use it out of fear that people won’t accept us…or buy from us…or listen to us. To not go after our life’s purpose all because we’re afraid that we won’t be successful.

I share that message a good bit because it’s my daily life. It’s easy to settle into a life of mediocrity instead of going after new goals. New ventures can fail. I experienced it. I’m constantly battling fear when it comes to taking new risks for my career and my overall life. I used to get so scared of rejection or failure, but after so many that I’ve already experienced, what’s another loss? I continue to pray and push forward.

So I encourage you all, as I always do, to take a chance on yourselves. Whatever it is that you’re gifted at doing and being, go do that. Go be that. Don’t think about what could go wrong. Consider what all could happen when it goes right. And later, people will see or read about all of what you been able to do.

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