Words of Wisdom: “Failure Only Happens When You Give Up”-Naveen Jain

Great Words of Wisdom today from entrepreneur Naveen Jain about real failure!

Whew, I’ve had some failures over the years. I’ve started some ventures and they completely flopped. I even started a “blog” like Imperfectly B a few years back and it had no impact. I wasn’t truly ready or experienced enough yet. But every failure that I’ve had has strengthened me longterm. They’ve taught me what to do and what not to do. I don’t even consider my failures actually failure. They were more like teaching moments and stepping stones. Failure would be if you walked away from your purpose because it got hard or it didn’t happen in your timing.

That’s what Naveen is sharing in this clip. The great people who make things happen in their lives learn to pivot when things go wrong. They make changes. They adjust their processes or habits. It’s not just for entrepreneurs but for all of us! Don’t be the one to quit when something goes wrong….just learn to pivot and move forward.

Watch the clip below!


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