Inspirational Jam: “Good Day”-Flash Garments

“I woke up this morning like, “I gotta get going…” Tomorrow’s not promised so I live in the moment…”

I woke up this morning feeling…meh, if I’m honest. It takes a little push some days to get ready and get going. But then I played this song and my mood gradually changed. I’m happy to feature it as this week’s Inspirational Jam.

I had never heard of artist Flash Garments until I was watching some show, but I love this song of his called “Good Day.” Though he has a bit of money now and attention, he also has good people around him and good vibes. That makes life good for him.

Regardless of how you may feel in the morning, you have a lot to be happy about and grateful for. It’s more than about having material things and attention, though. It’s about enjoying the people around you and the environment you’re in. When you take notice of that more than any negativity, you’ll have more good days than bad.

Take a listen to the song below!

Take a listen to the song below!

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