In reflecting on the second anniversary of Imperfectly B, I realized just how much my life has changed over the past two years. This quote from minister and author Norman Vincent Peale serves as perfect #MondayMotivation as a reminder for us all about the power of our thoughts.

I know first hand just how uplifting or poisonous your own thoughts can be. Before I started this blog, I had turned into a very negative person and thus my life continued to be negative. I truly believe that your thoughts affect your behavior which ultimately affects your results. I had gotten into a rut where I was just going through the motions with my work, my side hustles, and my relationships. Nothing was progressing because I was so focused on and upset about how things weren’t progressing.

When I became more intentional about focusing on the good things happening in my life, I was….rejuvenated. I was happier and had more energy and made it up in my mind that my life goals would happen at the right time. They did. I got my own place, got a new job, turned my relationships with my boyfriend and loved ones around. Life became so much better. And it started with my thoughts.

I know. I know. Easier said than done, but, trust me, it works. Just take one complaint you have like maybe your job that you straight up hate (let’s not mince words). Then consider the positive. It pays your bills or even funds your side hustle while you actively attempt to work on something new. You may have a few co-workers that make the day go by faster with their jokes and fun stories. There’s a little good in there somewhere. There’s a little good in even some of our biggest problems. Focusing on that will make life a whole lot better, I promise.    

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