Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Listen To The Naysayers”-Taraji P.Henson

These Words of Wisdom from Taraji P. Henson may be cliché, but I know there’s somebody out there that needs to hear it.

As she accepted the Lucy Award at  Women In Film’s annual fundraising gala, the Crystal + Lucy Awards, Taraji shared some of her life story. She was a young mom when she moved to California to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Since Taraji was 26 with a toddler, people wrote her off before she even got started. Look at her now, though. But what if she had listen to those negative people who told her she wouldn’t make it? What if she had let them get in her head and stop her from doing what she was meant to do?

We let that happen a lot y’all. We let people from the outside looking in taint our dreams or goals with their negative opinions. I’ve even had to check myself on being one of those people at times, thinking that I was coming from an honest and helpful place. I’ve learned to just let people dream and work on their goals. If they can see it, let people at least try!

I’ve also found that doubters are not only small minded people who simply can’t see your life’s vision coming to life. They also can be people who haven’t found their purpose, are struggling to fulfill it or gave up on it completely. That’s not your problem, though. That’s for them to work through. Keep going anyway!


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