This #MondayMotivation quote from writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie is one that I really have to work on. I hope it inspires you all today.

I’ve been holding off on some things for my brand and side hustles out of fear of the unknown. Sometimes I feel like I need more money and knowledge in order. I’m afraid it won’t do well so why bother? But that inaction just makes me even more fearful, frustrated, doubtful and discouraged. Meanwhile, other people are legit shooting their shot at their dreams and making it happen, while I’m waiting to get everything JUST RIGHT.

I forgot that the “perfect moment” to work towards my goals doesn’t exist. In fact, waiting for things to be right is really just another excuse because they never will be. I can’t just sit around and dream and read and plan all day. I’ve found that too much of that makes me think of everything that could go wrong instead of all of the things that could go right. So I bit the bullet and made some investments in myself this week that I’ve been holding off on for the longest. And I feel a whole lot better and more confident that, even if the road ain’t easy, I’ll be successful.

Have you been there? I know I’m not by myself on this one! In order for us to overcome our fear and doubts about our goals, we really do have to just get to work. Even if we have moments of failure, action ultimately gives us lessons, skills, and confidence. So let’s get on the grind and make the necessary investments in ourselves. Stop thinking so much and start working!

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