Inspirational Jam: “Let’s Get Loud”-Jennifer Lopez

“If you wanna live your life, live it all the way and don’t you waste it…

Well, this is a throwback track for real! Jennifer Lopez‘ track, “Let’s Get Loud,” is a strong reminder to make the most of the life you have! Great Inspirational Jam.

Won’t lie. This week’s been rough. Between my 9-5, freelance stuff, and other things, I’ve been drained. I needed a little bit of fun. So I danced it out to this track and others the other night, and it was just a real reminder that life is so much more than hustle and grind. I’ll always put in the work but actually enjoy the benefits I get from it. I want to make great memories and experience the great things God has for me. I want to have fun! That’s what this song is all about for me.

Watch Jennifer perform the track below!

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