Words of Wisdom: “Do It Anyway”-KevOnStage

Love these Words of Wisdom from one of my favorite comedians, KevOnStage. Definitely a message that I needed to hear this week. I hope it inspires you to continue to work on your life vision, no matter who has the same one.

In the clip, Kev calls himself going off on his Instagram followers, pushing them to work on their goals even if other people are doing the same thing. I know I have sometimes gotten discouraged or didn’t want to do something because I see other people doing it. But so what? We really can all eat!

“Stop counting yourself out of the game before you even get started because everybody doing something!” Kev exclaimed. There are plenty of bloggers, comedians, entrepreneurs, artists, etc., etc., but none of them are you. None of them have your exact experiences and creativity. We all have something to offer, so why count yourself out? Give yourself a chance!

Watch Kev’s wise words below!


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