Inspirational Jam: “Give Me A Little”-NAO

“Give it more time…the world doesn’t need average to color the lines…” F

I’m a huge fan of UK electronic/funk singer NAO so I’m glad to feature one of her songs as an Inspirational Jam. As many of us know firsthand, working towards your passion can be tough. “Give Me A Little,” featured on NAO’s debut album For All We Know, is major encouragement to push through those tough times.

I believe that you all have gifts that can serve the world in some way once you discover them. Using them and trying to make an impact (on others and on your pockets) isn’t easy. You’ll be tempted to quit at times. I know I have been and came dangerously close. But there are people out there that can use your talent. Dare I say that there are people out there who NEED the gift that you can deliver in your own particular way. Don’t give up on yourself or them.

Hoping this song encourages you to keep going…

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