Inspirational Jam: “Closer”-Goapele

“I’m getting higher…closer to my dreams. I’m getting higher and higher…feel it in my sleep.”

Goapele‘s “Closer” is a much-needed Inspirational Jam for me today. I hope it lifts your spirits today.

This song is, to me, one of inspiration but also of vulnerability. I know we all like to act like we have it all together, but it’s rough out here. On this song, Goapele admits at the time that she sometimes felt that she wouldn’t get ahead when it came to her dreams. However, there was a feeling that she was getting closer and she just couldn’t quit.

I’ll be honest. There are still days where I feel stuck…even with the blessings that I have now. It sometimes feels like I’ll be stuck where I am right now. But then I remember that I thought that around this time last year, wanting to quit and just live an average life. But I couldn’t actually give up, and my life changed drastically last summer. This song is a reminder that, even when you feel like you won’t surpass where you are right now, you’re closer than you think.

Watch the official video for “Closer” below!

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