Principal Has Weekly Story Time for Thousands of Kids Across the Globe

This Texas principal goes beyond the call of duty to reach kids from all around the world with her creative idea for bedtime!

Dr. Belinda George, in her first year as principal at Homer Elementary School in Beaumont, TX, created a weekly broadcast on Facebook Live for her students. It’s an online story hour called, “Tucked In Tuesday,” where she reads a children’s story before bedtime.

Dr. George came up with the idea shortly before Christmas. “You can’t just stay stagnant. You’ll lose the kids,” she shared in an interview with Good Morning America. “I knew I would miss my scholars. You got to meet them where they are.”

“Tucked In Tuesdays” have become a big hit with the students. At first just 35 students were tuning in but now her stories have been shared with kids and parents all over the world.

The effort encourages kids to check out some great books outside of the classroom. It’s also a nice calming moment before they lay down for the night. Kudos to this principal for coming up with this unique initiative to continue to reach and teach kids!

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