I feel this #MondayMotivation quote from motivational speaker Eric Thomas on a whole other level. I hope it gives you the strength you need to push through this week.

We love potential. We love dreaming of great possibilities in our lives. We see what could be. We even keep people in our lives because of their “potential.” But, as ET reminds us with this quote, potential is not enough. It’s nice, but it’s ultimately just hope. But life doesn’t change because you hope it does. There has to be some movement behind it. There has to be some action.

Dreaming of what could be is just the spark that lights the fire that burns bright in your life. Seeing the potential of your idea or gift is just the beginning. It takes consistent work and growth to truly see that potential through. As I recommit to my consistency theme this year, make that commitment with me. We know the potential. Time to make the moves!

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