This quote from writer and editor Swati Sharma is great #MondayMotivation for me especially today. I hope you get some encouragement from it as well.

When I first knew I needed to film YouTube videos to go along with this site, I was terrified. I didn’t major in broadcast journalism for a reason. I was always a better writer than I was a public speaker, and I lowkey didn’t like how I looked on camera, if I’m honest. I was afraid of it…I still am at times. It’s one of my vices. However, I’m slowly getting more comfortable with it. The more videos I shoot, and the more I plan out what I’ll say, I’m gaining confidence.

That’s with anything, right? A new job or business venture. A new leadership role. A new promotion. It can be downright nerve-wracking at first, but consistently working at it, no matter how unnerved you are, gives you confidence at it. You slowly but surely lose the nerves because you’re slowly but surely making things happen. Take one step at a time to move past the fear and just watch where you end up.

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