Words of Wisdom: “Get Comfortable With Failure”-Will Smith

I love these Words of Wisdom from Will Smith (really just about any words of wisdom from Will). I hope this gives you motivation and changes up your idea of failure.

“Fail early. Fail often. Fail forward,” Will advised in this clip. He encourages us to get comfortable with failure because failure is where all the lessons are and where all of the growth is. The problem is we are so turned off by it, or feel that failure is the end all, be all for us. Like if we fail, that’s it. There’s no more chances. There’s no more hope. We’re just losers. That’s how I felt for a long time.

In the past, I’ve definitely been stifled by my failures and also fear of failure. My failures often frustrated and discouraged me from going after what I was meant to do. My fear of failure held me back from going after new jobs and opportunities, and from even having hard but necessary conversations with people I know. I was afraid that I’d lose yet again.

And you know what? I have lost yet again. I’ve faced some more rejection. I have missed the mark and made more mistakes in every aspect of my life. But now I’m good with it. Those failures have strengthened me and taught me to switch up some of my routines. They’ve taught me to be better and not bitter about my circumstances. While I can’t say I’m actively seeking failure as Will suggested, I’m certainly no longer afraid of it. I do what I can and, if I mess up, I learn from it and keep pushing forward. And besides, you know what really makes someone a failure? If they quit. I may mess up, but I refuse to give up. How about you?

Watch Will’s Words of Wisdom below!


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