Inspirational Jam: “Broke”-Lecrae

“Had to take a loss ‘fore I took flight…hard times made for a good life...”

I love today’s Inspirational Jam! Lecrae‘s song, “Broke” is a prompt to not allow the painful times in life to steal your strength. If anything, they should strengthen your character.

On the track, Lecrae opens up about how being broke made him gain more wealth in character rather than just money or fame. His hard times growing up and working on his career gave him strength and perseverance. Yes, he developed some wealth and people know his name. But what’s most important is the character he has now.

It doesn’t just have to be when it comes to your finances. It can be any storm that rises in your life. It can be a loss of a job or relationship. It can difficult moments with your family. There’s an opportunity for you to be bitter or make a decision to be better. You can indeed grow as a person in the way you respond to your hard times with intentional choices. To not argue when that same person picks at you. To press forward anyway even after you get yet another job rejection. To pick up the pieces and work towards healing after losing someone you love. Hard times make for a good life. I really get it now.

Watch the official video for “Broke” below!

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