Words Of Wisdom: “Speak Your Truth”-Jeannie Mai

I don’t get to sit and watch full episodes of The Real on TV, but I do catch clips pretty regularly. This one from co-host Jeannie Mai definitely struck a chord with me in a positive way. It makes for some great Words of Wisdom.

The ladies of The Real were discussing Future’s outburst against the mother of his child, Ciara, asking her husband Russell Wilson basically to silence Ciara. I’m not getting into that foolishness here. However, it caused Jeannie to compare that to her own life and position on this show.

From what I’ve seen, Jeannie has always been open on the show about her life—good, bad, and indifferent. In this clip, she admits she does it because if she can help just one person along the way, then all of her experiences and her openness about them would be worth it. I wholeheartedly agree, which is why I’ve shared (and will continue to share) my own experiences with y’all. I typically shut down when I’m hurting, but not anymore. Instead of bottling things up, you can help others so much by just being honest about what you’ve gone through. You may even spare someone pain or disappointment!

Watch Jeannie speak on this below!

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