Inspirational Jam: “Girl Next Door”-Alessia Cara

So if I should die tomorrow, I’d die with all of me. And if I give back the time that I’ve borrowed, I know I gave everything...”

I love Alessia Cara so much because she stays true to who she is. With her latest album, The Pains of Growing, I had to feature one song on the album as this week’s Inspirational Jam.

On Alessia’s track, “Girl Next Door,” she sings about her own determination to make an impact and make her name known in this industry. However, she also plans to do it without losing herself or giving away pieces of her soul for money or accolades. She acknowledges that she doesn’t have it all together, and that she can be a “plain Jane,” but she’s comfortable with herself, her voice, and the messages she gives. That’s what will make her unforgettable.

The song really just inspired me to do the same. I hope and pray to share who I am, exactly as I am, and uplift other people with my work. I definitely don’t have it all together, but I refuse to leave this earth without having made an impact. I’m glad that I’ve done so in some ways, but I plan to do more. I hope this motivates you to do the same.

Take a listen to the song below!

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