Customer Surprises McDonald’s Worker With Car After Hers Breaks Down

Over time, Chris Ellis developed a pretty tight connection to Vicky Anderson, a kind and hardworking worker at the McDonald’s in South Hutchinson, Kansas. Chris frequently visited the restaurant on the weekends and the two became friends.

When Chris heard that Vicky’s car had broken down and she needed it to get to work, he decided to do something nice for her. “I knew my son had just got a new vehicle and he was selling his so I called him after I talked to Vicky,” Chris said in an interview. “I told him the story about Vicky and I said ‘Let’s go help her out.’”

Chris worked out a deal with his son to give him the money for his car. He then called Vicky’s manager to make sure that she was on shift on January 9. He and his son then spruced up the older 2009 Pontiac and brought it to the McDonald’s. Vicky was completely stunned to say the least! Watch the heartwarming moment below…

I watched the video and starting tearing up a little! Vicky’s reaction really was priceless. I’m glad that these two have become close and that Chris thought enough of Vicky to help her out in her time of need. So sweet!

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