Eleven-Year-Old Starts Her Own Business To Help Her Furloughed Mom

It’s been sad to read about and see people I know and love that have been affected by this recent government shutdown. I’m glad that it’s been opened again, at least for a few weeks, because people need to work AND get paid. It’s messed up that it even happened, though.

Nonetheless, people took the time to create their own opportunities to make money. This 11-year-old girl is no different.

Bella Berrellez of Gaithersburg, Maryland, came up with the idea to create her own organic sugar scrubs after her mom, an employee at the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was unable to work due to the shutdown. “I originally started it to help my family and my mom, because she was furloughed,” Bella told InsideEdition.com. “I just felt obligated, I was like, ‘Let me help.’”

Bella was inspired one afternoon after spending time with her mom making body scrubs. The young girl realized that she could make her own scrubs and sell them. She already had a knack for business since she sold earrings and slime. Her family had dual income coming in, so they were doing okay without any extra income coming in, but Bella still wanted to help out.

So Bella pitched the idea of Bella Sweet Scrubs to her family, friends, and neighbors, and got to work promoting the business on Etsy and Instagram. Since the shutdown, the small business has had over 1,500 sales and made a profit of over $14,000! That’s in little over a MONTH.

Bella also donates some of her earnings to local nonprofit Nourish Now, which collects surplus food for redistribution in their community. With her company, she hopes to expand into lotions, bath bombs, and soaps. “I’m just super excited for what our business is going to grow into,” she said.

Thankfully, the shutdown is over through at least February 15 so Bella’s mom can go back to work. I still am mad that this even happened and went on for so long, but I’m glad that others have chosen to look at the bright side and create other ways to make money and be fulfilled. Bella now has a company of her very own and she’s not even in high school! That’s really amazing!

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