I love this #MondayMotivation quote because it was these seemingly basic ideas that completely changed my life.

I write about this all the time. From 2014 through 2016, my life was a hot mess. I had become someone I didn’t recognize—a depressed and angry person dealing with grief and self-esteem issues, who turned to food and Netflix to cope with emotions.

In 2017, I realized I didn’t want to live like this anymore. I needed every aspect of my life to change, but it had to start with me and my attitude. Instead of being pessimistic about my future, I began focusing on what I wanted and believing that it could actually happen. I prayed and trusted in God and did the work, knowing that, with God’s help, everything that I needed to happen would come to pass. And it did.

That’s where it starts. With your attitude about your future and how you can make it happen. I believe in US. I believe that we will be and continue to be successful in every aspect of our lives. But we have to shift our attitudes first!

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