California Artist Paints Incredible Mural To Bring Hope To Wildfire Victims

An artist in California had a friend whose home was destroyed after the California wildfires. However, he used the site to create a beautiful piece of art to bring hope to those impacted by the fires.

Shane Grammer revealed that his friend had lost his home in Paradise, CA. The only thing that remained was the chimney. As a creative, Shane found inspiration in the remains and decided to paint it. He created a beautiful black-and-white mural of a woman.

Many of Shane’s childhood friends had lost their homes as well. Some had the insurance to help pay for a new home, but others, sadly, weren’t covered. “My heart was broke,” he said to Inside Edition. I have family that still lives up there.”

There was no real message behind the mural, but it has brought hope and encouragement to others not only in Paradise but around the country. “From reading a lot of the comments and how it’s encouraged people, I think they needed encouragement and I think this is one way out of all the stories, almost like a slap in the face, that there is hope,” he said.  “There will be hope … there is beauty in the ashes.”

That’s a truly inspiring message to anyone going through it. And this mural is absolutely stunning. It also goes to show that you can use your gifts to uplift others. Watch more on this story below!

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