Inspirational Jam: “Keep The Hustle”-A.R. Rahman feat. Wale

“Swing for his fences…I’m a beast. I’m the reason all the people leaving out their seats. If this had came easy, everybody’d be good…”

As a Wale stan who just went to see him in concert a few days ago, I thought of this song and had to post it as this week’s Inspirational Jam!

“Keep the Hustle” with Wale and producer/singer A.R. Rahman was created for the Disney film Million Dollar Arm. I remember watching the movie and hearing Wale’s distinct voice, and fell in love with the song.

The track has a great Indian vibe (since the movie focuses on Indian baseball players rising up). More importantly, the message encourages listeners to grind hard for the results you want. It doesn’t come easy and never really will, but, once you reach the top, it will all be worth it. Definitely one of my favorite tracks ever.

Take a listen to the song below!

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