Inspirational Jam: “Alright”-Ledisi

“Life can bring us through many changes…it’s alright.
Just don’t give up; it’s going to be alright…”

Ledisi‘s track “Alright” is a great Inspirational Jam to put your life into perspective.

Life could always be better, right? It would be nice to have a better car or a bigger home. It would be great to have a new wardrobe. It would also be nice if trials and bad circumstances stayed far away from our doorsteps.

In the midst of all you may be going through, there’s really others that have it much worse off than you. And the rain can’t last forever. I try to keep that thought in the back of my mind when I’m struggling. Even in hard times, things are really alright. That’s the gist of this song.

Over the years, I’ve had to learn to be appreciative of the things I have, seeing that all my needs (and a good chunk of my wants) have been met. Everything may not be grand and fabulous, but it’s really alright.

Take a listen to the song below!

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